On Retreat

My interest in nature, territory, and warfare started as a perfect storm when I was a young boy walking through the forests surrounding my paternal grandparents home. What began as leisurely walks with my pellet gun, plinking beer cans, turned into long marches with other neighborhood boys. We eventually acquired some gear and camouflage, built... Continue Reading →

The Donnybrook Legion

For those looking for further involvement into the force we are establishing, the Donnybrook Legion is currently making formal recruitment. This has been a long time coming. Here we will lay out the criteria for what it takes to start the process to become recognized as an official Squad, with the potential to eventually form... Continue Reading →

Agrarian Trench Warfare – Winter Update I

The first issue of Battle Ready Keylines, our quarterly field manual on tactical permaculture, is getting the final touches put on. It is a bit later than expected due to some computer issues that have recently been mostly resolved. The publication itself has been slightly expanded to accommodate more information, which has also augmented the... Continue Reading →

True Underground Resistance

Over the course of this projects evolution we have had to adjust and recalculate our formations and attack plans. The battle for your attention among a sea of causes and movements all hoping to get you on board with their agenda is not something we wish to engage in. We believe in a divine plan... Continue Reading →

From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 3

My original intention was that the next CONDOR release be submitted for dissemination in January as it would begin to lay out a premise for devising strategy that would be extrapolated on in subsequent transmissions. That report has been written, however, after one of Donnybrook’s own transmissions which was a perfect clear and concise phrasing... Continue Reading →

From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 2

In my first dissemination I attempted to enkindle in others the spirit from which this project has been inspired. In this second supplementary statement I plan to take a moment to reveal a bit more of my intention and direction with these writings as well as address why it is that I chose for Donnybrook... Continue Reading →

From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 1

The collapse is coming. During the time I’ve spent operating within a governmental entity, my previously existing lack of faith in modernity has become completely barren but not before a naive feeling of urgency for change had been exhausted. Even in its lowest bowels where the most rudimentary operations take place, the government is completely... Continue Reading →

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