Food As A Weapon – Hydroponics

The farming industry has evolved two ways in the last 50 years, one being the massive increase in equipment, and the grandiose upper level companies who basically own the farmer down to his land. The second being the (backwards) evolution of relying on the same old propagation/harvesting techniques while furthering destruction of the earth, leaving... Continue Reading →

Start A Gang, Acquire Land

Many individuals I've encountered throughout many years of visiting, as well as working and living on, small farms and being around 'environmentalist' circles, lament and despair over various forms of peril they believe the world to be in. Some are, thankfully, true. Some may be propagandized versions of a partial truth, and some may be... Continue Reading →

From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 5

Often we hear it declared that “times have changed” to illustrate how the world has become different from the one known by previous generations. This new world however is never spoken of in a way which indicates any positive progression but is instead uttered with a quiet disdain suggesting that things will only continue to... Continue Reading →

From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 4

When is the point of no return? 
 This question is one that all operatives should have a clear answer for. If you are in a leadership position it is imperative that this question is acknowledged, theorized, disseminated and drilled throughout your ranks. The Reign of Modernity will not likely meet its end as an... Continue Reading →

Disruptive Agrarian Tactics

We have recently been asking our supporters to let us know what topics they would like to see us touch upon. One notion got right to the marrow of ideas we wish to champion, that of the importance and implications of subversion of, and disconnection from, industrial food production. First off, and the most basic... Continue Reading →

On Retreat

My interest in nature, territory, and warfare started as a perfect storm when I was a young boy walking through the forests surrounding my paternal grandparents home. What began as leisurely walks with my pellet gun, plinking beer cans, turned into long marches with other neighborhood boys. We eventually acquired some gear and camouflage, built... Continue Reading →

The Donnybrook Legion

For those looking for further involvement into the force we are establishing, the Donnybrook Legion is currently making formal recruitment. This has been a long time coming. Here we will lay out the criteria for what it takes to start the process to become recognized as an official Squad, with the potential to eventually form... Continue Reading →

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