Donnybrook Farm began as a simple family homestead in rural Pennsylvania. Today it is the embodiment of the philosophy of the warrior farmer; an attempt to cultivate fully realized Mercenaries of Holy Soil through physical training, mental acuity, and building a deep relationship with the land one inhabits and the spirits which reside there.

As an entity it seeks to train men and women in the arts of regenerating soil, increasing biodiversity of flora and fauna, learning to cultivate and harvest crops, and also to prepare for scenarios that have historically plagued food and medicine producers. From famine, to social upheaval, and drought, the perils faced by agrarians and tribal land guardians are sweeping and potentially imminent.

This is not a reason to fret or fear! There are proactive steps and practices that can be taken up by the farmer or gardener with the resolve and foresight to insulate oneself from catastrophe. That is the primary purpose of Donnybrook Farm: To act as an outpost and resource for those with the will to prepare through strength, discipline, intelligence, and action.

Grow food. Strengthen your body. Sharpen your mind. Defend your land.