Schwerpunkt Campaign

Following a lengthy, but necessary, hiatus we have regrouped and rebuilt this project from the foundation up. We trust our ardent supporters have not lost any momentum, but have grown in contempt and disdain for the filth. Filth that was once merely a frothy foam accumulated at the margins of isolated cesspools has overflowed its containers and now flows like a polluted river through the streets of our towns and hamlets.

For any of this to matter to you (considering that you’re reading this, it should) it must be known you are responsible for it, and by some measures, to blame for it.

This new campaign will feature more involvement and active utility within the ideas and ideals of militant ruralism. If you sat on the sidelines for the previous phases, supported in words only, or put your ideological purity above your actions in the world, you will find no shelter here.

In this new leg you will find suggested reading, challenges, links, and other resources to bolster, strengthen, and defend your agrairan stronghold against not only the creeping realities around us, but from the biggest challenge we face: the decay within each of us.

Weekly articles, both from our contributors and from blogs and projects we recommend, will be posted in order to keep you all up to speed on essential developments and insights we consider integral to militant ruralism; from community building to home defense, from crafstmanship to permaculture design, and more. This site will be updated extensively over the coming weeks so check back often or refer to our social media accounts for alerts to these updates.

Regarding projects scheduled during the previous phases of this overall endeavor; we lost a great deal of data due to hard drive failure and will have to start from scratch on the next issues of the BRK series, our mail order catalog, and new physical releases. Rest assured, all of these will be completed in the future.

Donnybrook Farm represented the beginning. However, as it was and remains a very personal creative endeavor, it must be branched out and transformed into something more comprehensive and effective. Just like the fruits of a harvest are cultivated and nurtured, those same fruits must go out into the world to serve their holy purpose.

There is a great conflict coming beyond anything this world has witnessed in known history. The pre-causal reverberations of it are rattling through the spirit complex of a new spiritual elite, a high cosmic caste, warrior princes in chrysalis; a pressing impetus toward decisive action. Those reverberations are the distant echo of the forge of heroes, outside of time, stamping out mythic form from deep within the vault of heaven.

Donnybrook Farm continues, but will no longer have an explicit online or public presence, and is not accepting members.

If you have any questions our contact line is open once more. If you have sent messages and have not received a response, please forward them.

Grow food. Strengthen your body. Sharpen your mind. Defend your land.


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