Cleanse the Countryside – Harvest Challenge & Hike

“…know that the coward who pulls back from a test of courage will in life as well evade a great responsibility. The daily routine, the daily struggle needs people with iron nerves and strong will, people with tenacious spirit and jubilant aggressiveness. And we will always seek and take ever new paths to find these people, to promote and fortify them…” – Kurt Eggers

Our HQ and main office are still under heavy renovation and restoration, hence the lack of writing output. This bulletin is being typed out in a storage room, and is aimed at those who have expressed a serious interest in further involvement.

Our online presence will be slowly tapered off and a majority of output will be through an upcoming mail order project via physical catalogs, magazines, and bulletins. The mailing list is already being compiled. Unless something drastically changes in regards to internet censorship and the sociopolitical landscape, this will not be reversed. We go underground as it is the only path to a true force of militant rural revolt.

We have cast a wide net, maybe too wide, and as expected, many that express ‘total support’ merely do so from the comfort of their living rooms and never make a significant effort to back up their words.

We require greater men of courage and action, and would prefer a dozen absolute fanatics, with unbreakable wills, violent spirits, and capable, lethal physiologies above ten thousand lukewarm dabblers who bend and tremor at the first sign of real adversity.

With that said here is the Harvest Challenge:

  • Deadlift 2x your body weight
  • Run a sub 7 minute mile
  • Perform 14 strict pull-ups from a dead hang, no kipping
  • Attend the Donnybrook Legion Autumn Hike/Ruck

All physical tasks can be confirmed via photo & video submission to our email. Mile runs can be confirmed via screenshot of any run tracking/fitness app of your choice. There is a minimum of two and a half months to complete this challenge and is by no means difficult for anyone in good physical condition.

Hike attendance depends on completion of the three primary physical challenges. The hike will take place between the last weekend of September and the last weekend of October. Further details provided to viable candidates who meet the aforementioned challenge requirements. Men only.

There is no prize for completion.

Challenge entry and hike are free of charge. Email your entrance declaration to with the header HARVEST. No unencrypted emails accepted.

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