Cleanse the Countryside – Results

With posturing, false bravado and hollow lip service rapidly reaching critical levels on (anti)social media we consider it necessary to continuously insist on acting in the physical world. In this Field Report is the most thorough, organized, and impressive completion by one of our supporters, of the listed tasks of the Spring Challenge. These tasks represent the basics of our core tenets. We will be issuing similar challenges on a regular basis to continue encouraging action.

While we want to berate and criticize those who entered and did not complete it, their absolute failure and low testosterone levels are punishment enough. The inferior man theorizes, the superior man acts!

1. Garden Planting/Maintenance-

I prepped and planted the garden on 5/13/19, rather late but it is what it is. I used prestarted plants due to the late start and those were six tomatos, six peppers, twelve spinach plants and twenty four snap peas. Unfortunate I suspect rabbits came through and took out our spinach and snap peas, so we installed a fence. I restarted the snap peas with seeds and that is what the cluster in the back of the second picture is.

2. Group Hike-

On 6/19/19 I got a group of three buddies of mine to hike the (REDACTED) which is 5.4 miles. The hike was successfully completed as well as nabbing some trash along the way.

3. Trash Cleanup-

On 6/2/19 I did a solo trash clean up in the forest behind where I rent shop space. The forest backs up to a local park and there is a river running directly behind it. I collected two full garbage bags as well as several chunks of plastic bins that wouldn’t fit in the bags.

4. Two potential recruits-

As for potential recruits I have two of my friends in mind. One is a good buddy I grew up with, (REDACTED), he’s quite capable with his hands and we go shooting often. The other is a coworker of mine, (REDACTED) who shares many similar ideas and is well on his way to owning a house and land.

5. Plant a fruit tree-

I planted a 1 1/2″ honeycrisp at the edge of a pasture behind my parents home. The tree was from a local owned and operated nursery 10 minutes up the road from where it was planted.

6. Volunteering at a local farm-

The morning of 6/21/19 I volunteered at a farm run by a local university for three hours, 8:00 am – 11:00am. The farm is five minutes away from my home. They had me wash out a number of plastic bins used for processing produce as well as washing a fair bit of turnips.

7. Ten pull ups-

8. Five native edible plants-


English Plantain:

Garlic Mustard:


Field Garlic:

Autumn/Harvest Challenge to be issued soon.

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