Start A Gang, Acquire Land

Many individuals I’ve encountered throughout many years of visiting, as well as working and living on, small farms and being around ‘environmentalist’ circles, lament and despair over various forms of peril they believe the world to be in. Some are, thankfully, true. Some may be propagandized versions of a partial truth, and some may be utter nonsense.

Regardless of our perceptions of these circumstances one sure way to improve a piece of Earth, and ourselves, without protesting, lobbying, or other weak tactic, is to acquire as much of the hard ground beneath us as possible and begin transforming, bolstering, beautifying, strengthening, and cultivating it.

Perennial cycles of birth-life-death-rebirth do not only apply to seasons and souls but entire Ages, vast periods of time churning in constant motion. We are interested in the building of the frontlines of a total war that will likely rage for centuries. Cities will crumble beneath the weight of vegetation; Skyscrapers rattled to their foundations by shockwaves of elemental weaponry wielded by abominations of suicidal technocracy.

Our positions must hold out to shelter the flickering of a golden beginning. For this we have a massive responsibility, and this responsibility gives our lives a great meaning denied to us by modern living. It must be reiterated that there can be none of the distractions of fear or timidity in our hearts for this inevitability.As the urban sprawl descends to urban collapse, rural Outposts of Golden Order must be maintained and connected via a robust network of Legions composed of highly skilled and focused men who welcome the inevitable and their place within it. Our disdain for urban sprawl comes from a place of tactical space management, a golden rule in any potential or imminent violent encounter.

Here I will outline a few simple steps that can be taken, some I have touched upon before but will reiterate for new readers, and serve as a reminder for those who are already on the path of Militant Ruralism.

  1. Find the others- Make connections with like-minded individuals in the physical world. Be reliable to each other. Cut loose anyone who diminishes quality, doesn’t pull their weight, is chronically unhealthy and underperforming, or is latching on to boost their ego.
  2. Train together- Learn wilderness skills, go on ruck marches, hike, camp, go to the range, lift weights, fight each other, and so on. Avoid using alcohol and drugs as your bonding tools.
  3. Learn- Read books about practical topics, such as vehicle maintenance, construction, electrical, food production, plant propigation, home repair, weaponry, strategy, etc.
  4. Collect dues- Land can still be found for cheap as mentioned in previous entries. Choose a minimum monthly amount; The more the better.(No less than $20. If someone can’t swing twenty bucks a month send them packing!). This is how you obtain tools, supplies, and terra firma.
  5. Buy land- Go as rural as you can with minimum requirements, taxes, regulations, zoning and restrictions. (More on this here: Real Strategies for Victory & Homeland). Land holding is the bedrock of conquest and culture, and has been since time immemorial. If you’re not obtaining it, our enemies are.
  6. Fortify- Build swales, terraces, trenches, fieldworks, tunnels, foxholes, etc. (See: Battle Ready Keylines quarterly field guides for in-depth practical analyses.)
  7. Raise animals and grow food – This should be self-explanatory at this point.
  8. Have children- Also, self-explanatory. No children = no future.
  9. Limit dependence on the modern world- The further one relies on the comforts and conveniences of contemporary ‘living’ the softer and weaker one becomes. Dumping money into the economy merely fuels debt slavery and prolongs the inevitable. Practice austerity in as many arenas as possible. Usury is a filthy business, dig it out of your life. Never accept government handouts, they are more addictive than heroin and atrophy your willpower.

In closing, as with anything worth pursuing in life, these things aren’t complicated, just difficult. No one is going to do any of this for you.

Leeches are the first to go.


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