From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 5

Often we hear it declared that “times have changed” to illustrate how the world has become different from the one known by previous generations. This new world however is never spoken of in a way which indicates any positive progression but is instead uttered with a quiet disdain suggesting that things will only continue to get worse.

More alarming than the fact that this conversation is usually held in reference to the world that our children are experiencing specifically, is the unspoken assertion that it will only further decay for the generations that will follow after them.

Why do we allow the idea of progress to be equated as a further corruption of our values, culture, and traditions and what is it about this “progress” that we need so desperately that we allow it to continually expose our youth to greater dangers and corruptions at ever earlier and more impressionable ages?

Our pre-teens are becoming pregnant and engaging in heavy drug use, while the education system through which they are exposed to these things first continues to lower in quality. Standardized testings, disinterested teachers and the appeasement of special interest groups use the education as an indoctrination system to push their agendas while undermining basic truths.

Regardless of which political party is in power, it is accepted without contention that modernity’s advancement can only continue through the further wearing away of our freedoms, our safety, and our decency until we have either reached some fantastical utopia of perversions or have been obliterated into an apocalyptic wasteland.

Why is it not patriotic to acknowledge that was put forth as a foundation for our country has been corrupted to the point of being completely unsalvageable?

Why is it treasonous to concede that the intention of our forefathers was not designed to foresee this catastrophic cesspool of modernity that we are all now wallowing in? Their revolution was never “won”. Through the generations since their victory, we have slowly handed over the power of rule from the people over to a globalized agenda dedicated to the pursuit of monoculture through industrialization.

Don’t you think it is time for us to abandon this lost revolution to begin our own?

A revolt that truly reflects the values that have evolved in the fields and plains of rural America over the two hundred years since the revolution of our forefathers.

Don’t become so loyal to a flag that you are willing to sell out the very culture it was first sewn to defend. Hold high those ideals to which countless men gave their lives and hang the flag not in celebration of freedom but in the continual pursuit of it.

VNTR for Donnybrook Farm

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