From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 4

When is the point of no return? 
 This question is one that all operatives should have a clear answer for. If you are in a leadership position it is imperative that this question is acknowledged, theorized, disseminated and drilled throughout your ranks.

The Reign of Modernity will not likely meet its end as an immediate and indisputable collapse. In most scenarios short of a total nuclear bombardment there will exist a frame of time which authority will be retained by existing powers until the populace begins to piece together exactly what has taken place. During the time it takes for this realization materialize to the average citizen but before it gives way to hysteria, it is likely that we will see government act very much like an occupying force within its own borders.

As I have stated in previous disseminations, the government’s power is largely dependent on the faith of its citizens; therefore at the very minimum most laws and regulations will continue to be upheld for as long as a majority believes that they are still operating underneath Modernity’s already rotting thumb.

It is also very likely that there will be a period of extreme intolerance for even the slightest infractions in an attempt to maintain order through fear. Let’s not forget every armed security guard, local police officer, and volunteer firefighter who will take the order to “maintain peace at all costs” as an opportunity to play out their darkest fantasies.

Before this final scenario of total collapse takes place there will also likely have been similar scenarios that have already played out in which the regime is able to regain its footing albeit temporarily. In the meantime they will have successfully ousted those of us who were fooled into taking preemptive action.

These scenarios may also be tested under the direction of the government. It would not take an entire conspiracy team to successfully pull off something as simple as a nationwide power outage or an internet and cellphone outage lasting for a few days throughout which enough hysteria could set in to set a pretty convincing scene for us to act. Just one text could send an entire population reeling in panic (imagine the Presidential Alert text sent to Hawaiians in 2018 on a national scale).

The reason that all of this is important to take note of is because in any realistic strategy there is a time during the initial stages of the fall of the Empire in which there are certain operations that must be initiated. These full scale operations are absolutely imperative for long-term success and it is critical that they are performed within a short and subtle “goldilocks” window of time.

This window of time exists only between the moment in which we’re convinced that order will not be restored and the moment that the general population comes to this same conclusion.

By the time police and local officials are being hung from light poles and beaten like piñatas throughout every major city, it is already too late. Once the masses have realized that there will be no formal consequences for their actions, anyone inside of highly populated areas will find that they are trapped in a war zone.

It would be similarly detrimental for us to act in an opposite manner and to prematurely engage in civil offenses while society is still capable of functioning even if it is with a greatly reduced efficiency. In this scenario, if we are captured, we face imprisonment. Even if the system reaches total failure mere hours after our arrest, we may never escape from the concrete walls of the local holding tank.

Not only are we at risk as individuals but we also risk the exposure and dismantling of the entirety of our operations as well as the operations of our allies; resulting in the total incineration of our vision of the future. So when do we know?

The truth is that all training in this arena is theoretical and that there is no way to be absolutely certain but this is precisely why this question needs to be seriously addressed and discussed within our individual ranks. Each faction having their own specific needs, abilities, and long term goals which makes it difficult to disseminate through a successful propaganda campaign.

Therefore, a battalion specific strategy should be disseminated to those responsible for engaging it which details the manifestations indicative of the time in which inaction has become the higher risk.

One day the power will go out and it will never come back on.

How long will you sit in the dark?


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