Disruptive Agrarian Tactics

We have recently been asking our supporters to let us know what topics they would like to see us touch upon. One notion got right to the marrow of ideas we wish to champion, that of the importance and implications of subversion of, and disconnection from, industrial food production. First off, and the most basic aspect of this endeavor, is food grown and raised at home is higher in nutrients, uses less energy to produce, and comes with the reward of genuine accomplishment. If done with care and foresight these tactics will continue to provide for much longer than the grocery store can ever guarantee.

Industrial food is disproportionately demanding on the land due to monocropping, the use of a single plant cultivar over a massive range of square footage. Many monoculture fields and farms are essentially deserts of life as all of the wild plants, pollinators, ground dwelling creatures, birds, mycelium, and microbes have been killed off by high potency pesticides and herbicides. Many of these farms have to have bees hauled in by the truck load to pollinate their crops. The amount of fuel, monetary resources, manpower, and soil needed to uphold this system is absolutely unsustainable and quite idiotic. Current averages put the energy workload at 10 calories of fuel burned for every 1 calorie produced, but it is what it takes to feed hundreds of millions of soft, passive, pleasure addicted people.

What needs to be done is simple: have a plan for self-sufficiency. It takes time, but starting small and working up to bigger undertakings makes it possible. More individuals, families, groups, and tribes need to begin producing their own food, buying/trading from neighbors, and stop giving these companies money. If you support industrial agriculture and corporate food you are supporting the globalist agenda to upend your culture and turn the earth into a tolerant and docile homogeneous consumer hive.

Another important topic is that of immigration and migrant farm work. A strategy used by globalists, and western liberal elites, your rulers, argue that without an influx of infinite outsiders then “wHo iS gOiNg tO piCk yoUr FoOd!?” Our ancestors survived for millennia through drought and winter and flood and war; We can grow and harvest our own food.

If you are not the gardening or farming type it is of absolute importance that you support hyperlocal food producers. This is the bedrock of a strong community. If, however, cultivation brings you great joy and satisfaction here’s a few steps to begin overthrowing the industrial agriculture racket immediately:

  1. Quit nickel-and-diming yourself at convenience stores. Buy seeds instead.
  2. Eat real food, with as minimal packaging and processing as possible, from as close to home as possible.
  3. Plant perennial (returns yearly without needing to replant) food plants around your home in place of decorative ones, or augment your decorative layout with edible plants as well. Some great perennial food plants are: asparagus, ground nut, Good King Henry, rhubarb, sunchoke, French sorrel, and many more. These plants will continue to provide for you long after your work is done.
  4. Consult with local gardeners and farmers and grow things they don’t have. Many foods are delicate, don’t ship well, and decay quickly so you’ll never see them at a grocery store. Industrial food makes billions off of novelties and new ways to keep you addicted. Grow rare fruits and vegetables to keep your diet interesting. (Check out seedsavers.org for a wide variety of rare cultivars).
  5. Keep bees. Apiculture is highly rewarding, beneficial, and in time, a potential necessity due to the collapsing pollinator life web.
  6. Get chickens. Raising chickens for eggs is a great introduction to animal husbandry. We won’t cover the details here but there is a plethora of how-to literature and video out there. Home raised chicken eggs are substantially higher in nutrients than industrially grown ones. An added benefit of chickens is they are absolute powerhouses of pest control, and have been known to eat up to 300 ticks in an hour.
  7. As stated, those who are not interested in cultivation, volunteer or obtain side-work at a local farm. Or at the very least support your hometown farmers with your patronage. These people are the mortar of our entire existence and we scoff and betray them for flashy packaging and sterile products produced by groups and conglomerates that want us weakened, and the more tenacious among us, dead.

The system that controls your food is the same system that controls you. It is a widely used tactic of tyrannical regimes to starve its opposition. Hungry, emaciated, malnourished people cannot fight back. Vegans… do you realize that the fake meat you eat is not only mimicking what your body craves but is only possible through a globalized food system? Not to mention avocados and bananas don’t grow where it snows. Eat what your ancestors ate and you will awaken sleeping spirits in your blood.

In review, to subvert the globalist food system and disrupt the ongoing weakening of our people by the illegitimate ruling class we must: stop spending money on the garbage they’re trying to shove down our throats, grow a wide variety of foods, support local farmers, eat what your ancestors ate.

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