Real Strategies for Victory & Homeland

This report is going to be straight and to the point. Our driving force is land ownership. We are not interested in ‘saving the world’ or the environment for that matter, as it doesn’t need our saving, nor would we be so naive to think we are capable of doing so if that were the case.

We do care about, and for, the environment because it is what sustains us. It is a miracle of creation that life exists at all. This concern for the environment is linked to a concern for a future for our people, our ways of life, and the will to realize a mythic idea; The coupling of the aspiration to mastery over, as well as harmony with, nature. Seemingly antithetical pursuits, but are in fact complimentary. To live not for the earth itself, or for all of the human beings that currently live on it, but in competition with the forces around us in order to become more than what we are. Action, Beauty, and Order are our highest ideals. Contradictions to these ideals are anathema to our conquest. With that it needs to be said, monkey wrenching and similar tactics are merely a blow-off valve and ultimately ineffective, as developers, real estate firms, and contractors often hold robust insurance policies against vandalism. Read that last line again.

If anything this sort of behavior merely draws the wrong kind of attention to a legitimate struggle. This is not to say that we take a passive, pacifist approach, as it should be quite obvious by our overall message. The time for conflict will surely come and it will not be easy. If you’re in a prison cell that is one less person preparing in the most effective ways, and one less pair of boots on the ground immediately when and if the clouds break open once and for all, and we get the storm we’ve been watching accumulate on the horizon.

Do not make yourself out to be a pathetic victim, or seek shortsighted catharsis for legitimate rage. This is juvenile nonsense and will not lead to victory. A good part of what really provides the ruling class their ability to operate unchecked is for-profit prisons stuffed to the brim with fighting age males hellbent on overturning the chessboard.

One criticism we have encountered about our approach is that land ownership comes with property tax, and often the necessity for bank debt. Sure, these are valid points but just because you disagree with, or aren’t doing well within, a current structure of the world doesn’t mean that breaking entirely away from it will somehow render your struggle more meaningful or more successful. Would you refuse to use a weapon wielded by an assailant just because it belonged to your current enemy?  This is the mentality of a slave. We must use the means we have at our disposal, and use as wide a variety of tactics necessary to ensure success.

So instead of merely complaining about our detractors I will share some potential solutions and options:

  1. If you are not currently employed regularly, or do not have a steady stream of income, find a job.
  2. Go to trade school and learn a real, usable skill while earning income.
  3. Get off the internet, stop complaining about how land is too expensive. Undeveloped rural land is the least expensive real estate one can acquire by normal means. Seek out parcels in municipalities with low property tax, and a minimum amount of restriction regarding what you can do on your land.
  4.  Research tax sales, confiscations, auctions, and other alternative sources to land ownership. Buying real estate where unsavory events have occurred is often dirt cheap. Instead of btfo’ing rekt libtard SJW cat ladies, spend your time using this tool (the internet) to research and strategize clever ways of fulfilling your destiny.
  5. Practice austerity through restriction of pleasure seeking and eliminate vices that don’t serve your overall goals. This is how you stack your little shekels; through discipline and willpower and avoidance of dopamine spikes.
  6. If you are in a family that owns land, carry yourself and live in such a way that you prove an ability to maintain and honor it in the event of potential inheritance.

Now, even a plot as small as a half acre can, although uncommon, be purchased for $1000 in many places in the US to this day, if one knows where and how to look. Once acquired, even a seemingly minuscule parcel can act as a nucleation point to future acquisitions. Get to know your neighbors, build genuine relationships with them. Find where the center of your circle lands and set a perimeter. Practice proximal precedence, that which is closest is most important and deserving of your attention.

Many often explain away the very real necessity for this form of active engagement with life through a limp (((existential))) perspective, citing the all too well known cliches like “well an asteroid can hit us tomorrow and it will all be gone anyway” or “the sun is eventually going to burn out so why does it matter?” This form of projecting into an unknowable future, at the expense of the very real here-and-now, is flat out dumb and a tactic of the enemy dispatched through mainstream academia and entertainment to deplete you. You don’t know what the future holds, it will likely be something you don’t expect.

If you wish to support what we are doing from afar and have no interest in direct pursuit of militant ruralism in your own life that is your decision. It is understandable in this day and age, the escapist appeal to being rootless and unattached. However, this ephemeral way of living most often results in little more than a floating away in time, as meaningful as a fart in the wind.

Again, we are not interested in conversion or debate. The time for all of that is long gone. Militant means no compromise. Do not attempt to use our platform to express your own misguided and shortsighted ideas because you will be rooted out. There are higher aspirations that can be sought that transcend merely living until you die. Those who stand in opposition to these viewpoints will not be missed upon departure.

It must also be said, this message is not directed toward any one person or movement engaging in their own active strategies that defend or uphold the traditional, natural, and perfect Order that has been weaving itself since the dawn of the Dawn. It is specifically for  weaklings, complainers, and all varieties of do-nothings that have may have found their way to us, who complain or proselytize hollow ideas from behind the safety and comfort of their keyboard; you will never be one of us and we don’t want you.

Acquire land and begin fortification. Patiently. Quietly.

This is where the real work begins and moves ever outward.

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  1. Outstanding. While I spouted off and mentioned monkey wrenching previously your points are more than valid. It would just be passed off as the work of teenagers or garden variety scum anyway. As an additional benefit of being a landowner, your voice carries more weight in local politics. An example: the local lake is surrounded by summer vacation homes. The city owners petitioned my local town board for zoning. The reason was that they didn’t like the smell of manure on the fields adjacent to said lake. The attempt failed as farmers own vastly more land and therefore pay much more taxes. Pay attention to what is happening locally, it will effect you.

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