Cleanse the Countryside – Spring Challenge 2019

As we await the great thaw, whose arrival will usher in a new phase of action borne of the winter’s introspection and preparation, having a plan is essential. All positive change and growth comes accompanied by pain and difficulty. With the coming Spring we issue a set of challenges and projects for you to take part in. Anyone who completes this challenge in its entirety will receive a prize in the form of a package filled with various and sundry dry goods from our supply, as well as further qualification of recruitment procedures to those actively seeking, or currently in consideration for, Legion status.

This challenge will run from now until the Summer Solstice. Verification of completion can be done through email, with accompanying photographs and video illustrating completion of tasks. Whatever it takes to serve as proof of completion will be considered. Claims of completion without verifiable proof will not be considered valid.

  • Plant and maintain a garden of any size.
  • Arrange and execute a group hike or ruck march with like-minded individuals.
  • Plan and execute a trash clean up in your local forest or neighborhood.
  • Find two (2) or more potential recruits for your own Rural Battalion (or Legion, for those who qualify).
  • Plant a fruit tree.
  • Find a local farm or animal shelter and volunteer a minimum of 2 hrs of labor.
  • Be able to execute 10 clean pull ups or chin ups from a dead hang.
  • Find and identify 5 native edible plant species.

Those with no interest in prizes or acknowledgment can still execute these tasks for their own spiritual hygiene and to further their personal insight into what militant ruralism represents. If you are not actively engaging with nature, hardening your mind & body, and protecting & beautifying the land you inhabit you cannot claim to be aligned with, or have any part in, what we are about.

This philosophy and practice requires a total upheaval of the passive, impotent, sedentary mode of living too common in the world today. The criteria for this challenge is minimal in comparison to what it takes to honor the true spirit of soil and blood in our daily lives. As we have stated on numerous occasions this project is not a movement, but a manifold to greater realms of natural beauty and cosmic order. A holy quest initiated first through the union of our bodies with the very dirt beneath our feet, in a fixed ascent toward the heavens.

Challenge verification can be validated through:

Good luck, and Godspeed.


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