The Donnybrook Legion

For those looking for further involvement into the force we are establishing, the Donnybrook Legion is currently making formal recruitment. This has been a long time coming. Here we will lay out the criteria for what it takes to start the process to become recognized as an official Squad, with the potential to eventually form Platoons, Companies, Batalions, and so on, in your bioregion.

Potential candidates must be between 18 and 45 years of age and able bodied, be capable and willing to maintain open lines of communication with DFHQ and report regularly, own (or have a realistic plan to own) rural land, adhere and implement the basic standards and SOPs laid out in the BRK quarterlies and Field Reports, be capable of actively recruiting potential HSMs (Holy Soil Mercenaries), and dawn the insignia of our Legion.

Formal enlistment and acceptance into the Legion comes with exclusive and specific consultancy on your farmstead, releases and literature not available to the public, support from a growing network of rural militants, as well as other benefits that cannot be listed here. Along with the benefits of joining a set of responsibilities also arise. As mentioned above, we demand a certain standard that is not easy to uphold. A thorough outline of the procedures will be provided to those who express an interest in establishing a unit on their lands.

Recruitment will remain open until our current capacity is filled. If you are currently working toward setting up your own rural, militant agrarian enclave there will be an ongoing opportunity to establish your land as an officially recognized Outpost of Total Order.

Crucial dispatches, resources, and releases from HQ will be provided in the password protected Legion section of this website.

If you think you have what it takes, hesitate not. Contact us at: to begin the process. Make sure to include LEGION in the subject line, and use an encrypted email service. Failure to follow basic instructions is cause for permanent disqualification.


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