Strategic Means of Utilizing Frigidity (Or How I Learned to Stop Shivering and Love the Cold) – Winter Update II

First off we wish to extend massive thanks to all who ordered the first installment of our seasonal quarterly Battle Ready Keylines, and helped it to sell out very quickly. We had no plans of printing more but we want to make sure key members in our network obtain the introductory insights contained within it, as they lay the foundation for our entire system and philosophy which will be unfurled piece by piece in subsequent issues. The second printing will only vary from the first in that it will not be hand numbered. Once they are sold out we will not be printing more.

Winter holds a special place in our hearts being that our location, and the homelands of our ancestors, experience brutal cold and hardship. Through trials of freezing, darkness, and isolation we postulate that a certain type of character, order, resolve, hardness, and necessity for foresight was developed over millennia. This development doesn’t stop because the modern world has all but eradicated the necessity for planning and overcoming in the face of winter. However, to preserve the qualities that emerged by these circumstances the circumstances themselves must remain intact. Cold exposure and embracing a mindset of acceptance and overcoming of the frigid waste that lies in wait of spring must not be replaced by an overt seeking of modern comforts.

No better historical account can argue this point better than the Winter War between the national Finnish Army vs. the communist USSR which sought to claim a potion of Finland. Finnish reliance on guerrilla & Motti tactics, a knowledge of their land, and fierce national pride, coupled with destiny, allowed them to hold off the invasion of an opposition communist force vastly superior in numbers and supplies (death toll estimates place the Finish at around 1,500 casualties as opposed to the 200,000 of the Soviets). Motti tactics are a set of methods for breaking up enemy divisions into smaller and smaller pieces. The word motti in Finnish denotes a stack of logs arranged to be sawed into smaller logs for firewood in an efficient manner. A potent example of how Nature and Providence endow wisdom; that through the work of preparing firewood to keep warm, an insight emerged about how to most effectively break down groups of enemy combatants in a military operation. Its a beautifully harmonious and enlightening scenario, illustrating quite efficiently how the many facets of divinity work upon our existence.

In our view the Finnish display of might and cunning against the Reds chiseled Finland’s right to this portion of land into the pillars of eternity, as the light of providence shone upon their claim. A seemingly small advantage, such as the highly masterful use of skis by the Finnish Army, also illustrates how what may appear as a local quirk or custom, developed over generations, can transform the outcome of battle in a major way. If nothing else this conflict at large shows a distinct advantage of rightness, of any force, who happen to be the true inheritors of a territory, a rare occurrence of destiny revealing it’s oft hidden and mysterious countenance.


Cold exposure training should be of paramount importance to those of us living in regions that experience a hard freeze for extended periods. Deep rapid breathing, incremental exposure, cold water plunges and showers, exercise out of doors, are all viable methods to begin implementing into your training. Be smart and taper slowly with more advanced methods. Others, such as cold showers (which you should already be taking) can be started immediately. Focus on controlling the breath as it is your anchor to not being overwhelmed by discomfort. This applies to not only cold exposure, but all forms of pain and suffering. The further we adapt to the challenges of our environment, bolstered by an ancient genetic predisposition, the more right our place in it becomes.

For those living in cold climates, if you find yourself cursing the frost and snow maybe it’s time to ask yourself “do I really belong here?” and quickly find an answer before someone finds one for you.



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  1. Outstanding post. I was out wandering during the latest “Polar Vortex” (formerly known as a cold snap), proper gear and the proper attitude go a long way. I personally like Winter, keeps the transplanted city people indoors. Glad to hear of the reprint, I missed the first batch. I hope I catch this one.

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