Agrarian Trench Warfare – Winter Update I

The first issue of Battle Ready Keylines, our quarterly field manual on tactical permaculture, is getting the final touches put on. It is a bit later than expected due to some computer issues that have recently been mostly resolved. The publication itself has been slightly expanded to accommodate more information, which has also augmented the production time.

The move to physical format publications comes at a time where much of what we would like to present to you does not translate well to mass communication. This publication, and our message at large, is NOT for the masses. Being that our ideas and philosophy are centered around preparedness, discretion, security, vigilance, and defense, it is not wise to widely disseminate these strategies. Our approach is one of discretion, and know that the less people that discover us the better. This is quite antithetical to how most creative projects are undertaken and presented.

From it’s inception Donnybrook Farm has been selective and discerning in how our message is presented. We get many messages asking how to join, or meet up, or come visit the farm. If these are the first things you ask or say then you’re approaching this all wrong. Prospective associates and members of the greater whole will be focused on their own land, groups, families, communities, not looking to latch on to something else. If at any point one thinks we will openly accept strangers into our dominion they are sadly mistaken and lack the constitution sought.

Individuals who have the will to persevere and maintain focus long enough to keep open lines of communication, study the work, obtain and secure land, and stay off the radar of enemy forces (if you think bitching and moaning and sharing memes about “SJWs” will somehow right the sinking ship you are wrong) are the only ones who will ever be welcome to further considerations of amity.

You have your marching orders. Insubordination will not be tolerated. Disobedience to our formalities is cause for permanent disqualification. Stay alert for further instruction.


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