True Underground Resistance

Over the course of this projects evolution we have had to adjust and recalculate our formations and attack plans. The battle for your attention among a sea of causes and movements all hoping to get you on board with their agenda is not something we wish to engage in. We believe in a divine plan unfolding according to cosmic cycles and do not need to shout our methodology from the rooftops. Those who have been paying close attention and are cognizant enough to gather the true purpose of this project are encouraged to make contact, and continue enacting our philosophy on their own lands.

Like the mycelial fungal network that holds the web of life together we go into the dark, spreading ever deeper to become intrinsically enmeshed everywhere. Simultaneously feeding on death while nurturing the blossoming of life.

Keep your head down, maintain anonymity, and do your work without the prospect of praise and attention. There is no glory in losing merely to feed your vanity or prove that you “don’t give a fuck”. The ego tricks us into many things, one of the most nefarious being the seeking of praise and validation for things we should already be doing in silence and obscurity.

We are the originators of what we consider to be the only way forward to preserve and maintain a rural, agrarian, holistic way of life. The modes of action will differ from locale to locale, bioregion to bioregion, and between distinct individuals within their family and group. This cannot be done if one makes themselves a target for the establishment. It cannot be done by getting a spot on the local news, or reaching out to township supervisors, or having a highly active and engaged social media presence considering the magnitude of what we are up against.

Moving forward we suggest researching and understanding internet security, applying a VPN (virtual private network) to obscure internet traffic, familiarize yourself with technological advancements and the current state of computing & artificial intelligence. Many of you may not be attracted to such things, but the avoidance of understanding these emerging technologies will be at your peril. We cannot afford ignorance. The true danger always lies in what we are NOT paying attention to. Those who make contact with us will only be responded to if contact is made through an encrypted email server such as ProtonMail or CounterMail.

With that said, all of our future releases aside from updates on this site will be published and released in physical format only to maintain a level of obscurity and disconnection necessary to endure and overcome the coming storm.

We are not in the business of capitalizing off of your fears or shortcomings, hoping to sell you self-help nonsense or motivate you to action. Our message and methodology is for those with an inherent constitution that enables them to rise beyond the limitations of the age, to take a base set of ingredients and apply them to ones own needs in order to overcome the absolute insanity we are up against. There are plenty of businesses and ‘movements’ that will gladly take your money to make you feel like you’re a part of something greater. But that is not us. We require silent, focused action in the physical world; a true underground resistance to the grinding of entropy. We serve the total order, the holy balance of life and death.

Grow food. Strengthen your body. Sharpen your mind. Defend your land.

Donnybrook Farm

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