From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 3

My original intention was that the next CONDOR release be submitted for dissemination in January as it would begin to lay out a premise for devising strategy that would be extrapolated on in subsequent transmissions.

That report has been written, however, after one of Donnybrook’s own transmissions which was a perfect clear and concise phrasing of my own sentiments toward much of what I am seeing, I have chosen not to delay that transmission, but to make an important point before that piece begins to unfold.

I have been writing these under the assumption that Donnybrook Farm appeals to the nature of a specific breed of individual who holds a particular worldview, but I also recognize that many linger in the peripheral. This short address, as I believe the one that I am expounding on was also, is directed particularly at them. It may be an unnecessary explication for many of you, however if you are reading this than it is not an incorrect one, so would be worth your further attention.


Simple, clear, and concise. Not a sleight to any but a recognition that more drastic measures, more dangerous ideas, and more forbidden grounds must be explored as a continued evolution to increase the influence of an already substantiated order.

Do not stop at “getting started”. Buying into a brand does not make you anything but a consumer. If you do not hold higher purpose, if you do not have an end game, if you do not have a direction until it is dictated to you, then you are a fake and mean no more to us or to them than a continued billboard for our ideas until being promoted to the position of cannon fodder.

The men you are emulating already have their direction and they aren’t taking you along for their ride. They’ve masterminded their own destinies and harbor their own private ambitions. If you are not doing the same within your own group using your own context, then you are role playing in their world and not building your own.

It’s not enough to be considered militant in your fashion or hobbies or worldview by a craft brewery full of suburbanite SUV jockeys and their overweight wives. It’s not enough to post militant looking images all over your social media accounts and to don a balaclava and a SIG in your profile picture.

To be a true revolutionary you must have a deep understanding of yourself and accept your role in the coming hierarchy of natural order. When all has come to pass, a challenge for a higher role due to a poor assessment of your own skills will result not in shame, but death.

Assess your true value, improve it whether you think it needs improving or not. Also assess the value of the “militants” surrounding you and take into account the level of aberrant degeneracy you witness them accepting into their intimate circle and watch for the symptoms of modernity that they blatantly flaunt.

If you believe you are totally prepared, if your end game is truly destruction and glory in death, then push your back against the ivory towers of the State and help topple them to the ground!
For those of us with a future to build out of the ashes you so generously provide, we must begin working quickly, we cannot allow ourselves to be found in the midst of collapse before we have psychologically infiltrated rural communities (which will be covered in a future dissemination), secured land and allies, surveyed land to be annexed when the opportunity arises, trained a militia, built shelters, planted gardens, and have a list of duties prepared to be put into action the second they can be done without the risk of interference from the state.



You will see others convey this in similar ways, but what can they produce? A bunch of “need-to-know” basis bullshit, stroking each other off with fantasies of a liberal genocide (as if the conservatives have something worth saving) while doing nothing but designing new avatars for their message boards and sending PDF files through paid ProtonMail accounts that will never be partially read, totally misunderstood, and absolutely never utilized.

Propaganda is not meant only to provoke but also to instill. The merchandise is no good if it does not transmit the idea soundly, inspiring others to seek out its origin and then to build their own version of it for themselves so that we can begin to connect a network that spreads far and wide, not just an online connection, not just a fantasy “training camp” here and certainly not a fucking safe haven, but a truly autonomous society based on natural law and universal order operating right under their fucking noses. A society that will come to power organically as the modern world continues to lose strength in its spastic wielding of theirs.

Audacibus annue coeptis.


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