From the Towers of the Condor Vol. 1

The collapse is coming.

During the time I’ve spent operating within a governmental entity, my previously existing lack of faith in modernity has become completely barren but not before a naive feeling of urgency for change had been exhausted.

Even in its lowest bowels where the most rudimentary operations take place, the government is completely unsustainable and only becomes ever more desperate further up the ranks. The system as a whole is in far worse shape than even those spouting the bleakest projections are capable of understanding.

The method of selection put in place which chooses who will inherit the reigns of this system is not one that rewards competency, it rewards only complete agreement that current practices must be continued ad nauseam. Those accountable for your immediate survival are not your elected officials, they are elected only to speak to the populace in words and phrases that give them confidence and hope. This is the prayer holding everything together and once it fails completely as we can now see the beginnings of, the end will be calculable by days.

I’ve been to the dinners which are held to discuss the future of a smattering of government programs. I have not found myself seated at those tables because of my competency but have arrived instead through simple tactics of manipulation; parlor tricks that even the most out of practice carnival barker could pull off while wearing a tie. At these gatherings my competency has been championed and I’ve been labeled as a “rising star” within the system by those with the power to assure it.

They are desperate for someone with new ideas to come in and make things more efficient but they also know well that the effort cannot ever be expended to truly do so. Despite their deeply held belief that they are in fact serving the public, I assure you that neither these dinners nor the cocktail parties which occur afterward hold any requirement of their guests beyond their attire and the motivation to ensure that they “get theirs”. In the back of the mind of every guest, they know that it is already too late. If they were to be honest with themselves, their only true ambition is to get themselves safely off of the top floor before the entire structure collapses to the basement. They, just like most citizens, hold the belief that somewhere higher up in one of the even taller palaces they’ve heard whispers of existing in remote locations, that there exists a contingency plan for the inevitable. That someone, somewhere has true authority and control.

There is no plan and there is no control.

Every morning these same government officials awake with urgency before turning on their televisions with bated breath and the hope that operations have remained stable through yet another night. They release a sigh of relief, put on their suits and go to work with the intent of signing paperwork that ensures the facade will hold through the next night as well. They carry a constant worry that other paper pushers, number crunchers and deal makers working around them will one day discover that they don’t really know what they are doing, that in fact they spend most of their morning at work on their phone before cooking up an excuse to take a government car out for an errand that will take up most of the afternoon; being sure to clean out all hamburger wrappers and stray french fries off of the floorboards before pulling in underneath the glowering eye of the parking garage cameras which they truly believe to be connected to something.

Those creating division within their communities are clueless to the realities that they are baiting to occur. They allow social issues to create factions because in keeping with the values held within the virus of modernity, it is what comes easiest. When the internet goes dark, and they emerge from their homes and are forced to face their neighbors, the rules of the game will change. Their ideologies can only exist within a civilization that doesn’t see their immediate survival as being threatened. They are taught and teach in turn that individualism will unite their country and make them stronger, but they could not be any more misdirected or any more unprepared.

As they struggle to project their final whimpers, with a crushed lung and the taste of blood in their mouths, may they finally realize the adversity they had so desperately sought.

I’ve heard the theory expelled, even amongst would-be revolutionaries, that the government is simply distracting us with these divisions in order to increase their dominance. Not only is this thought incorrect but it is also detrimental to their survival and to the survival of anyone who allows this thought to permeate their circle. This is no more than a comfortable conspiracy theory which places onto the government a quality that defies the true nature and role of government. Government is primitive and instinctual; slow acting but absolutely decimating. It is its own living, breathing entity, yet embodies the true nature of man as it is made of men. It is the father of modernity, an absent minded monster made of polished marble and wrought iron which has no instinct except to consume and to protect nothing but its own bloated belly.

Yes, the government is distracting us, but only from the realization of how weak it truly is.

Again, it is an idea that can only exist within comfort that there exist shadow societies who pull invisible reigns. It allows them fantasy and comfort. Weakness can be found in those who believe government holds an otherworldly power because within their subconscious they believe that perhaps they’ll have the chance to be among those chosen to not starve to death, relieving themselves of having to depend of their own skills to survive. Even if this is only a daydream, it is dangerous. Carrying any hope or wish that the soldiers will one day arrive and reinstate the order of things as they once were is poisonous and will eventually undermine your entire operation.

When the blackness comes and after the first attempts to extinguish the fires are found to be unsuccessful the government will recede and begin its defense. Troops will not arrive to save you or your city and if they do arrive you will do best if you keep your distance. At worst they are still taking orders, overturning every rock sniffing for the slightest whiff of defection which they have been trained to exterminate; at best they have themselves defected and become heavily armed marauders.

Once that infrastructure begins to show signs of failure, as soon as the first orders are refused, the marble giant will defend itself through absolute desolation until their towers have toppled like severed extremities and their domes have been crushed like oxidized skulls.

The towers may wobble for another decade or two, but inevitably, what is falling must be pushed and the end will evolve quickly, invoking an abrupt change of everything that it means to be human for those who have never been exposed to the true horrors of what that word actually insinuates.

Again, there is no control, there is no real power within this system. It is no more than a day to day process of deflecting the storm away from the last remaining threads that are holding our flag to the flagpole. It is a self-admittedly crumbling infrastructure that is far too weak to withstand even the slightest renovation, even the whispers of such could potentially shake it all to dust.

Civilization will be dismantled and rebuilt for as long as humans exist.

Every day that the threads hold is a day gifted to us for training. We must acknowledge however, that there are those who are already prepared and together they push their backs against the leaning palaces, bending their spires ever closer to the ground.

All that we do should be performed with a heightened sense of duty; to not only increase our survival and to protect our families, but to serve as an example to the rest of our circle and to establish value to others who are working for the same.

The products we accumulate only become a hindrance and if we place too much value on any of them it makes us vulnerable. All things accumulated should serve the same higher purpose as our actions and be discarded if they ever are guilty of distracting us.

I ride on the back of the beast where it cannot scratch. I use what this affords me to invest in my future, my true future. I train to be strong enough, competent enough, and capable enough to live for more days than those who don’t and to create a legacy for my future generations to continue to build upon.

May all that you do be done with higher purpose.

– VNTR for Donnybrook Farm

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