The Spirit of Soil – Pt. I

The metaphysical implications of staking a claim on a section of Earth comes with philosophical and psychological pitfalls. As with any stance and conviction, it is common to encounter an oppositional argument. Fueled by postmodern rationales and ambiguous moral confrontations, there is a current of abandoning the idea of ownership running amok through the human consciousness.

You owe these arguments neither your time nor attention. The entire notion of conquest explains itself to no one and disregards the idea of guilt. Being a ‘good person’, whatever that means, will not nourish or protect you and yours.

Our planet is a finite system. Increasingly depleted, populated, polluted. If there ever was a time to shake off the cultural programming built into every experience you’ve been exposed to for your entire life, that time is now. We consider the lands our ancestors and ourselves fought and worked to secure as holy places. These soils nurture us and our children. As we live and grow from them, we become intertwined as their nutrients make up the building blocks of our bodies, the chariots of our spirits. . Only those who have eaten plants and animals, hunted, grown and raised close to home know this feeling. This is what we call ‘proximal precedence’, that which is closest to you matters most. As you interact with your environment, it becomes part of you, and you become part of it.

This is the foundation of a Mercenary of Holy Soil: the very ground you stand on. As one begins the process of reclaiming their home the connection becomes undeniable, and transforms them into something different, potent, effective. Something more than an object in the world going about its motions. You must take back the soil, hold it, and defend it. This is the only way to secure a future. No one will do it for you, and there are numerous forces working against that future.

No guilt, no fear, no surrender.ConqDF001

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