Inside and Out

Commonly in the modalities of permaculture and regenerative farming there is a mentality of inclusiveness and the idea of ‘providing for all’; that we can grow and raise enough food and medicine for everyone if we adhered to certain lofty and idealistic practices and ways of thinking. The truth is that there are nearly eight billion humans on this planet all competing for finite space and resources, and many of them do not want to contribute. Many want to take without any expenditure on their own part, often by means of violent upheaval.

I’ve spent enough time on small farms and intentional communities to notice that the majority of the work is done by hyper-invested, extremely productive individuals who make up the minority of inhabitants. Leeching off of others hard work, vision, and foresight is a fundamental flaw in human nature, exacerbated by an increasingly comfortable society, far removed from genuine struggle and hardship. These principles, coupled with the inability to know an individuals true intentions, lay the groundwork for policies and practices we uphold at Donnybrook Farm. We do not accept outsiders as visitors, we do not share with those outside of our immediate and chosen community, and we will defend our position to the death. We are an exclusive tribal initiatory center seeking to unite and engender practices and principles we consider the optimal antithesis to the current, and increasing, degenerated state of the world.

With that being said, we are seeking like minded individuals who align with and are seeking to augment the Legion of Esoteric Agrarian Warfare. Food and medicine growers, livestock handlers, warrior farmers, sorcerers of the soil, who believe in the brutal and highest Laws of Nature, not the servile politically correct, drunk on their own righteousness. Militant ruralists and Mercenaries of Holy Soil seeking to expand their conquest, and optimize the defense of all they have worked so hard to crystallize, are encouraged to reach out and open a dialogue with us. The inside and outside must be clearly defined, with all individuals working toward and from a common center. Only then can we know who has the potential to ally and carry this forward, and who should be composted along with the remaining refuse to fertilize our Becoming.

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